About Us

The story of Universal Maintenance really starts with the young son of immigrant parents armed with an entrepreneurial tendency, an eye for quality work, and a steam cleaner. As his humble, one-man business grew, so did his team, and under this leadership a lasting corporation was born.

Since the founding of our business in 1986, the initial vision of maintaining safe, beautiful public spaces has remained our core value. In the decades of the company’s existence, we have upheld this value for the hundreds of clients who have entrusted us with the responsibility of the care and maintenance of their properties. In 2008, we expanded into Southern California and now serve locations all over the state. In 2020, we moved beyond the California border and opened our first office in Nevada where we are currently servicing the greater Las Vegas area and surrounding regions. We will soon be taking on accounts in Arizona and intend to continue growing our reach throughout the West.

Despite our growth, Universal Maintenance strives to exceed customer expectations with detailed quality of work and executing our services to the highest of standards. Today, the children of many of the original leaders hold positions in our corporation and carry the spirit of Universal Maintenance’s inception as they continually adapt to accommodate the company’s growth in an ever-changing world.